At, which can be reached from http:/, one of our key goals is the safety of our customers. This Privacy Policy statement covers forms of information that are obtained and registered by and how we use it.

The terms listed below shall have the definitions set out in our Terms and Conditions.

This Privacy Policy outlines how information about You is gathered, utilized, and released as Your access or use to this Site or either as a result of Your experiences with Us. By visiting this Site directly or from another Site, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This Policy shall extend to this Web. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policies on any website not run by us connected to or related to this Site.

We respect the dignity of children. We should not consciously or deliberately gather sensitive information from children under the age of 13. Elsewhere on the Web, you have represented and warranted that you are either 18 years of age or that you access the Site under the guidance of a parent or guardian. If you are under the age of 13, please do not supply us with any personal details and rely on a parent or guardian to assist you.

Processing of data :

In this Site, we gather information from you in a variety of different ways. 

Registration and ordering process

You will be asked to complete an online registration process before accessing any parts of this Site or purchasing items. During registration, you will be asked to provide us with some personal information, including, but not limited to, your name, shipping, and billing address, contact number, email address, gender, and credit card number. In addition, we can also ask you for your country of residence and/or country of service of your company so that we may comply with relevant laws and regulations. These forms of personal details are used for billing purposes, to satisfy your orders, to connect with you about your order and the Pages, and for internal marketing purposes. If we have trouble handling your order, your personal details can be used to contact you.

Data that we obtain automatically 

We can also automatically gather information about you anytime you visit or use the Web or interact with us, including:

Transaction Records: Anytime you buy or return a product, we obtain information about the transaction, such as product specifics, sales price, date, and location of the transaction. 

Log Information: We collect information about your use of our websites, including the type of browser you use, times of access, pages accessed, your IP address, and the page you visited before you migrate to this section.

Device Details: We gather information regarding the machine or mobile device you use to access our Services, such as hardware type, operating system and edition, specific device identifiers, mobile network information, and browsing activity. 

Location Details: We can collect information about the exact location of your computer when you agree to the collection of this information. We can also gather information about your estimated location any time you visit this Site.

Data gathered by Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies: We may use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies to collect information about you and your engagement with this Site, including details about your browsing activity, purchasing behavior, and other involvement with the Services. This information is used in one or more of the forms listed in the "Use of Information" section below. Many web browsers are configured to accept cookies by default, but you can normally change the configuration of your browser to delete or deny cookies.

Information that we obtain from other channels

We can also collect information about you from other sources and add it or link it to the information we have about you. For example, we may gather demographic and change-of-address information from third-party sources and information from third-party social networking sites (such as Facebook) if you log on to this site using your social media account login or if you make such content and details publicly accessible, such as images, videos, and profile information.

Usage and collection of details 

Internal usage

We use your personal details to process your order and to provide you with customer support. Your personal information can be used internally to enhance the content and functionality of this Site, to enhance outreach, and to enable our own marketing activities (including marketing our services and goods to you) and to recognize general marketplace knowledge about visitors to this Site. 

Communications to you

We would use your personal details to connect with you about this Place, your orders, and deliveries. We will even give you an email of approval when you register with Us. We may give you a service-related message on occasional occasions that it is required (for example, if we need to temporarily interrupt our maintenance service). You can also apply your email address for purposes such as registering for a contest or a sweepstakes contest or signing up for email updates and special offers. If you send your email address, we will use it to provide you with the details. We still encourage you to unsubscribe or opt-out of future emails. Since we continue to consult with you with orders that you want to put, you can not opt-out of getting emails relevant to your orders.

External usage

Except as otherwise given below, we do not sell, rent, swap, warrant, or otherwise reveal your personal or financial details to anyone. 

We can reveal information to third parties conducting unique functions on our behalf. However, only the details that are required for them to conduct their operation would be disclosed.

We must send your credit card number to financial processing providers such as credit card processors and issuers as necessary to process your orders. We would use industry-standard security procedures, including data encryption, to offer your credit card number to others.

Personal or financial details may be revealed in response to requests submitted by law enforcement agents performing investigations; subpoenas; a court order; or otherwise required by statute to reveal that information. We shall also disclose sensitive information where disclosure is required to secure our civil rights, to enforce our Terms and Conditions or other arrangements, or to secure ourselves or others.

Although We would not sell (or exchange or rent) publicly identifying details to other entities as part of Our daily business operation. It is likely, however, that We may acquire or combine with or be acquired by another corporation, or that We may dispose of any or all of Our properties. If this occurs, your confidential details could be revealed to another organization, but this disclosure may be subject to the Privacy Policy in place.

We can exchange non-personal information (such as the number of regular visitors to a particular website or the size of an order made on a specific date) with third parties, such as advertising partners. This information does not mark you or another individual explicitly.

Protection of data 

We take appropriate steps, including financial, technological, and physical precautions, to protect you from negligence, fraud, abuse, unauthorized entry, exposure, alteration, and damage.

Opt Out / Modifies 

Upon your order, we will (a) correct or amend your personal information; (b) avoid sending emails to your email address; and/or (c) uninstall your account to discourage further transactions via that account. You can send these questions by emailing us at 

Please do not email your credit card number or any other personal information. 

Usage and Dissemination Offline Set

 We can also gather information offline. We will handle all information gathered offline in a way compliant with this Policy. An example of this is someone contacting us to make an order or to ask questions. When anyone phones, we can only ask for the personal information that we need in order to put an order or answer a question. If we need to store information (such as order information), we will enter it in our database.

 Alerts to the Policy

 If We amend or update this Privacy Policy, We will post changes and enhancements to the Web to ensure that you are fully aware of what information We gather, use, and reveal. We urge you to revisit this Document from time to time so that you can know if the Privacy Policy has been revised or modified. If you have any concerns about the Policy, please email us at