11 PCS Exercise Resistance Bands Stackable Upto 150 LBS

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  • Style: Resistance Band
  • Material: Rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Brand: SUHSAI
  • Number of resistance levels: 5
  • Number of pieces: 11
Suhsai men's health resistance band tube set has a variety of uses:
  1. To increase strength – Each band provides a different amount of force to your muscles when stretched and can be used for both upper and lower body training.
  2. To improve stability – exercise tubes are perfect for improving flexibility, but they can also be used to improve joint mobility.
  3. For rehabilitation – Bands have proven to be extremely useful in aiding rehabilitation, especially when operating on hip, shoulder, and knee injuries.
  4. For weightlifting – heavy duty resistance bands can also be used in weight training. Wrapped around the ends of a weighted pole, they make workouts more complicated so you can increase your one-rep max. They can also be used with dumbbells for the same purpose.
  5. For pull-ups – Suhsai training bands can also help you build up to doing pull-ups.


  • 11 Pieces Resistance bands set includes
  • 5 Exercise Bands,
  • 1 Door Anchor,
  • 2 Ankle Straps,
  • 2 Handles,
  • 1 convenient travel Bag.

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