Measuring Spoons & Cups Set of 8pcs

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Measuring Spoons and Cups Set
8 in 1 Measuring set include 4 Piece Measuring Cups and 4 Piece

Measuring Spoons, meet all your measurement needs.

BPA-free Material
Measuring cups and spoons set made with durable and lightweight plastic, features stronger corrosion resistance and higher hardness, make your cooking safe and healthy. No need to worry about rusting or bending.

Organized Storage
Kitchen measuring tool nested together by a removable plastic ring, to secure each piece together for easy organization and storage.

Essential for Kitchen
Accurate measurements help you make recipes more exactly and get a better end result. These are engineered for precision so you can achieve the consistency with your food prep that you've always wanted.

Sizes of Cups/Spoons
Sizes of Cups : 1 cup - 240 ml
1/3 cup - 240 ml
1/2 cup - 240 ml
1/4 cup - 240 ml

Sizes of Spoons : 1 tbsp - 10 ml
1 tsp - 5 ml
1/2 tsp - 2.5 ml
1/4 tsp - 1.2 ml

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