Wheat Straw Plates with Fork and Spoon Unbreakable Reusable (4pcs Set)

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Suhsai Wheat Straw Plates with Fork and Spoon Set

Suhsai Introduces WHEAT STRAW PLATES - set of 4 perfect for family.


  • Suhsai plate set includes four plates, four spoons, and four forks.
  • Durable, lightweight with smooth round edges, natural fragrant wheat under sterile processing and storage.
  • It is made of natural organic straw wheat material.
  • Suitable for home, school, outdoors, or travel.
  • Our set of plates comes with a matching fork and a spoon.
  • Suhsai wheat straw plate set is 100% natural, strong, smooth, splinter-free, chemical-free, consistently strictly controlled.
  • Package Contains: 4* Plates, 4* Spoons & 4* Fork
  • Color: Green, Blue, Pink, Cream

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